Project & Track Records

The activities  which  have  been  performed  by Thet  Swe  &  Yamin Co., Ltd

  •  Construction of  roads, bridge and  approach  roads  in  the  Naypyitaw Teritory,  The Service of  Landscaping  in  the  ministries,  Hotels, land Houses  in  Naypyitaw
  •  Landscaping service  to  the  separate  residencial  houses  in  the   economic city  of  Myanmar,  Yangon.
  •  Service provision of  Air con  and  Engineering  Services  and related  work in  houses  in  Yangon  with  fair  PAE rate.
  •  Providing construction and landscaping services throughout  Myanmar
  •  The  activities  have been done with  fair and appropriate responsibility.

Our Project Record

1 Construction of accident and emergency ward in Pathein, Ayeyarwady region.
2 Construction of staff quarters in Pyapon Hospital compound, Ayeyarwady region.
3 Construction of staff quarters in Kyonkadon hospital, compound, Ayeyarwady region.
4 Construction of village health branch and staff quarters in Bobagon village, Ayeyarwady region.
5 Construction of two units of (1) storey duplex for specalist in Mawlamyin General Hospital compound, Mon state.
6 Renovation of Sittwe General Hospital, Rakhine state.
7 Construction of Saung Pyang, (16) bed circle hospital in Pinlaung Township, Shan state.
8 Construction of inner hall, C-hall, 1-2 hall and E-hall, in Pyithu Hluttaw togethers AC.E.
9 Landscaping of Yarza Thingaha mount in Naypyitaw.
10 Landscaping of Hotel Myat Thinzar in Ottarathiri Township, Naypyitaw.
11 Landscaping of 4-star Mount pleasant Hotel, the only hill top hotel in Naypyitaw.
12 Landscaping of MOFA in Naypyitaw
13 Landscaping of Separate resident houses in Naypyitaw
14 Landscaping of the infront and in Pyithu Hluttaw.
15 Landscaping of Public garden in Naypyitaw.
16 Landscaping of houses with waterfall and Landscaping and monthly maintainece of Thingangyun Model Hospital
17 Laying and tiling with Granite and Marble in the buildings in the Pyithu Hluttaw.
18 Construction of (60’ x 24’) Borepile bridge on approach road to highway between Tatkon and Naypyitaw.
19 Construction of (950’ x 24’) borepil cause way bridge on approach road to highway between Tatkon and Naypyitaw.
20 Construction of Concerte road in Pyithu Hluttaw
21 Construction of Drainage and in Hluttaw
22 Construction of Retaining Wall and Pyithu Hluttaw
23 Construction of bridges on the road sector of Development
24 Construction of Theinchaung bridge on Tatkon Highway in Naypyitaw.
25 Construction of Kyokyar bridge on Tatkon Highway in Naypyitaw.
26 Construction of Pinlon school in Shan State.
27 Construction of Ayetharyar school in Shan State.
28 Construction of Banyin school in Shan State.
29 Construction of Highrise buildings in Yangon.
30 Construction of 4 storyed 6 units in Warkelma, Ayarwaddy
31 Construction of 16 bedded hospital in Pantanaw , Ayarwaddy
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