About Us

  • Myanmar is a developing south east Asian Country bordering with Thailand, Laos, China, India, Bangladesh.
    As a developing country, to go abreast with other countries, it necessary to catch up with in ecomomy as essential matter.
  • In endevouring in vanious aspects, to develop the country, Thet Swe Yamin Co.,Ltd (TYY Group) has been performing in multiple sectors by coordinating with other Myanmar Companies and International companies with necessary services in line with time frame.
  • Moreover we have been operating with various landscaping services, construction of state of act separated residence houses and highrise buildings with fair PAE system, Internal decoration services, construction of roads and bridges, construction of factory, warehouses with steel structure, performance of air con & engineering services.
  • Moreover Thet Swe & Yamin Co.,Ltd has been provisioning TYY Style wedding accessories with makeup and hair do with Myanmar wedding dress and arrangement of wedding jewellery with intricate and innovative design.

Establishment Of Company

The company has been registered at Department of Directorate of Company, Ministry of National Planning and Economic. The Board of Directors of Thet Swe &Yamin Co.,Ltd has been formed with the following person:-

1 U Thet Swe Chairman
2 Daw Yamin Ko Ko Managing Director
3 Daw Nu Nu Thein Director
4 Daw Mo Mo Ko Director
5 Daw Phyu Phyu Ko Director

Staff Force of TYY Group

1 U Nyi Nyi Aung General Manager
2 U Aung Bwint Asst General Manager
3 U Ye Ni Aung Asst General Manager
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